I’ve lost my dog! What now?

  • Contact your local and neighbouring Authority Dog Warden

    Find your Local Authority

    Please note that the Council must legally hold onto a stray dog for only 7 days (5 days in Northern Ireland) before they can rehome him, pass him onto a rehoming organisation, or have him humanely put to sleep.

    I've lost my dog! What now?

    I’ve lost my dog! What now?

    If Council have not collected your dog, will take your information and log it on the system and advise you if receive any calls about it.

    Please note that there Council will be a charge payable for the return of you dog.

    Carlisle (Cumbria):
    Dog service is run between the hours of 8am and 5pm, you can report your dog lost on 01228 817399 and check to see if Council have picked up your dog. See fees, charges and more.

  • Contact Microchip Database

    For example: Animal Tracker, Identibase, Microchip Central, MicroDogID, National Veterinary Database, Pet Identity UK, Petlog, ProtectedPet, SmartChip, PETtrac

  • Contact local Kennels, Rehoming Centres and Vets

  • Check Noticeboards, Social Media and¬†websites



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