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Dog Training in CarlisleDog cases accompanied me and my family for years. Initially, as the owner then the breeder, and finally instructor and trainer, I explored my knowledge about our four-legged friends. On this website, I would like to show you a few secrets of my experiences with dogs. I will help in choosing the right breed for your family. Maybe I can warn you against errors that you can commit while building a proper relationships with your doggie...

What is the best food for your dog? How often should a dog be bathed? My dog is sick - what to do?... To these and other questions you can find answers on our page.

Download an e-books about dogs, participate in courses on-line by selecting a specific subject, which you are interested in. On the forums or on social networking sites you can find additional comments and experiences of other dog lovers and professionals (veterinarians, breeders, dog lovers).

Let’s get to work. Look at the world through your dog’s eyes.

Good luck - Artur

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